Tennis Feet

Wimbledon is in full flow for once the long term forecast is looking good. Tennis uses all parts of the body and puts both upper and lower limbs under a great deal of stress. The game requires constant movement: forward and backward, side-to-side, running, jumping, lunging and rapid deceleration.
With all this pounding and movement the feet, ankles, Achilles and other tendons around the ankle have to work very hard. Tennis can cause a number of foot-related problems.
One of the most frequently encountered tennis injuries is the common ankle sprain, this is due to the continual changes in direction. Other court injuries are more shock-related, such as plantarfascia pain, stress fractures in the foot or tibia, nail trauma from deceration and shearing and friction related injuries, such as dermal blisters, corns and callus. Feet and ankles should not hurt and pain is an indicator that something is wrong, so should you experience foot pain call Sole Sister Podiatrist today.
Top tips to maintain healthy tennis feet.
1. Always warm up: a gentle stretching of the lower extremities and the Achilles tendon will help prevent injuries.
2. Buy good quality tennis specific shoes shoes and replace them frequently.
3. Seek appropriate support for arches; flat and high arches call for custom made arch orthotics (insoles) in shoes.
4. Keep toe nails short to prevent splintering which cam cause ingrowing toe nails.
5. For children, be aware of the potential for injuries of the growth plate in the heel. Persistent heel pain needs to be checked out by a podiatrist.