Verrucae are caused by the human papilloma virus.
They are characterised by a disturbance in the skin striae with a cloud like or cauliflower pattern, some have black or brown spots that are dilated capillaries that may bleed readily when filed.
They can be singular or large diffuse areas.

It is thought that the virus is spread mechanically through micro injury of the skin.
This may take place during barefoot activities when the skin has been wet for sometime.
Skin vitality is compromised when wet.

The immunological response to the virus usually causes regression within 6-8 months. Treatments vary in effectiveness and can take considerable time to work. Verrucae can be treated at home with over the counter acids, tea tree oil and a variety of other substances, from green banana skins to duck tape. However all overlying callus should be removed prior to treatment with a foot file.