Verrucae Treatment

Verrucae are caused by the human papilloma virus. They are characterised by a disturbance in the skin striae with a cloud like or cauliflower pattern, some have black or brown spots that are dilated capillaries that may bleed readily when filed. They can be singular or large diffuse areas. It is thought that the virus is spread mechanically through micro injury of the skin. This may take place during barefoot activities when the skin has been wet for sometime. Skin vitality is compromised when wet. The immunological response to the virus usually causes regression within 6-8 months.



Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze and kill the verruca tissue triggering an immunological response. Please see cryosurgery for more information.

Cryosurgery £35

60% Salicylic acid.

The verruca is debrided (cut back) and then the area is masked with zinc oxide tape to prevent any healthy tissue being damaged by the acid. The acid is applied to the hole in the middle and then tape is applied over the top. The area has to be kept dry for 5 days then the dressing can be removed. There is no need for the area to be neutralised as the acid is self limiting and will have stopped working. Should the area become painful prior to the five days then the dressing should be removed and the bicarbonate of soda that was supplied dissolved in a bowl of warm water and the foot should be soaked for 5 minutes.

The acid treatment may need to be repeated, the more frequently it is repeated the better the chance it has of working. Ideally the treatment should be repeated every week, with a maximum interval of 3 weeks providing the verruca is treated at home with either Verugon or Occlusal.

Verruca treatment £31

Home acid treatments

At Sole Sister we recommend Occlusal and Pickles Ointment, both are salicylic acid. Occlusal is a paint on treatment and is 26% and Pickles Ointment is an cream and is 50%. With both treatments the verruca needs to be filed with a foot file or piece of sandpaper to remove any overlying callus and the treatment can be applied. Occlusal is painted directly onto the Verruca and left to dry. Pickles Ointment is stronger and therefore the area has to masked with either zinc oxide tape or corn pads, a piece of tape then has to be put over the top. Occusal should be re-applied daily and Pickles Ointment can be left on for longer provided the area is kept dry.

Alternative Home Treatments

The overlying callus should be removed with either a foot file or piece of sandpaper and then the treatment should be applied daily. Treatments include:

Tea Tree Oil (100% pure)

Vitamin E Oil

Caster Oil

Tincture of Thuja.

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