Triathlon Feet

Triathlon feet
The Brighton and Hove Triathlon kicks off this weekend and the town will be packed full of athletes. Podiatry is important in optimising injury free success in all three disciplines .
On average, you put six times your body weight through each foot when running, This can amplify any minor or major potential problem quite significantly! There are many overuse type injuries that can occur in the feet and lower limbs as well as nail and skin trauma. If you have knee, leg or foot pain it may well be because of the alignment of your foot and leg and the mechanics of your running gait. Visit a podiatrist to find out why and how to treat your problem.
Cycling is a repetitive activity with knee flexion and extension occurring about 4800 times an hour at an average of 80 revolutions per minute. So like running soft tissues and joints are susceptible to repetitive stress and injury. How can a podiatrist help? Well the position of the foot relative to the knee on the pedal and therefore the force through the leg can affect the alignment of the leg and cause stress on the knee. A podiatrist can look at foot position, alignment and footwear in order to optimise efficiency, speed and prevent injury.
Wet feet and soggy skin cause skin vitality to become incompetent and break down. The skin is then susceptible to pick up all kinds of infections, verrucae, athletes foot and fungal nails. Swimming pools offer a wealth of microbial opportunity. Treating infection early and prevention are the key. Visit a podiatrist to discuss all treatment options.