Other Treatments

Injection Therapy

A steroid injection is given with a local anaesthetic, to help reduce localised swelling and pain.
The treatment is suitable for inlammatory joint problems and plantar fasciitis.

Injection Therapy £75

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound can be used to reduce localised swelling and chronic inflammation and increase the rate of healing in conditions such as plantarfaciitis and tendonitis.

A course of treatment is normally required.

Ultrasound is often part of a treatment plan that includes: exercises, strapping and orthotics.

Ultrasound £26

Strapping Therapy

Strapping or taping can be used to stabilise and support injured structures in the foot and ankle.

Kinesio tape is thought to have a neuro-physiological effect on tissue, rather than a stabilising effect.

It can be used to increase blood flow to the area and stimulate healing.

Strapping and taping are used as part of a treatment plan for chronic or acute injuries.

Straping and taping price included in Chiropody/biomechanics

Ultrasound & Taping £35

Diabetic Foot Assessment

A Diabetic assessment is a neurological assessment of the foot, testing for sensation, proprioception and blood flow.

A written report can be provided for patient information.

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