Nail Surgery

In growing toe nail surgery is the removal of the sides of the nail or entire nail under local anaesthetic.

After the nail is removed a strong acid called phenol is applied to the area to kill the nail matrix and in the majority of cases this prevents the nail from regrowing. Unfortunately in some cases there can be a small amount of regrowth.

The minor surgical procedure will normally take a total of one hour. To prevent infection the Podiatrist will be dressed in sterile gown and gloves.

Open shoes will have to be worn until the wound has healed. In most cases this takes 4-5 weeks.

Please weigh yourself prior to coming and ensure that you have not had a local anaesthetic (ie, at the dentist) in the last 24 hours.

Please bring sandals with you to accommodate the dressing.

It is advisable for someone to drive you home, and not make you own way by car or public transport. You may find walking slightly uncomfortable and the local anaesthetic will lose its effect in one or two hours after the injection.

At home it is advisable to sit down with your feet up for the rest of the day, walking or standing should be kept to a minimum on the following day. If the area is uncomfortable, a painkiller may be helpful – but not aspirin.

Keep the foot dry and leave the dressings on until your next clinical visit, a few days after the surgery, when further advice will be given to you on ongoing care.

Nail Surgery From £350