Heel Pain

When walking, our heels repeatedly hit the ground and absorb a large amount of force/impact. Consequently, when heel pain occurs, it can be very disabling.

There are many causes of heel pain, from bursitis to heel spurs, but by far the most common cause of heel pain is plantar faciitis (sometimes known as “policeman’s heel”).

Plantar faciitis occurs when a strip of tissue running under the foot (plantar facia) pulls away from it’s origin in the calcaneus (heel bone), and the area becomes inflamed and painful.
It is generally most painful following rest/sleep, and lessens following movement.

The treatment for plantar faciitis depends on the cause. It may require simple excercises and footware choice, or prescription orthotics.

If you suffer from heel pain, then a bio-mechanical assessment is required in order to diagnose the root cause and devise a treatment plan.