Arthritis & other Pain

Joint pain in the foot can be caused by wear and tear or osteo-arthritis.
Treatment consists of managing the condition and pain relief. This “conservative” approach includes orthotics, padding and strapping, and in some cases steroid injection.

If you have joint pain, then a bio-mechanical assessment is required to investigate the causes of the condition, and an individual treatment plan created.

Other leg and foot pain…

Feet do not work in isolation, and the way the foot functions affects the legs and upper body.
Problems within the bio-mechanics of our feet can cause pain not only in the feet themselves, but also in the legs knees and hips etc. Conditions such as Morton’s Neuroma, metatarsal (ball of foot) pain, shin splints, and knee pain can all stem from our feet and gait.
A bio-mechanical assessment looks at all aspects of foot and lower limb function, including gait analysis. Follwing the assessment, a treatment plan can be formulated.